DIR Joins AAPOR Transparency Initiative

aapor-transparency-initiativeDIR is a charter member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s (AAPOR’s) Transparency Initiative (TI), which was launched October 2014, to promote routine disclosure of research methods for publicly released surveys. The goal of the Transparency Initiative is to “provide the public with more information regarding how surveys are done, with the hope that they will be better able to judge their credibility” according to Timothy Johnson, director of the University of Illinois at Chicago Survey Research Laboratory and chair of AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee. The TI is designed to acknowledge those organizations that pledge to practice transparency in their reporting of survey-based research findings.

By joining TI, DIR commits to

  • promoting the understanding of how methodology relates to survey quality
  • increasing adherence to the AAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices
  • enabling responsible media members to better differentiate between transparent and nontransparent research
  • contributing to public understanding of this important distinction
  • providing the public with the information necessary for independent evaluation of survey quality


“The core elements of the AAPOR Transparency Initiative are perfectly aligned with DIR’s core values. We are committed to ensuring that our work contributes to the TI and we are pleased to be a charter member.”
Dr. Sylvia R. Epps, Executive Vice-President & Director of Research Operations, DIR

For further information on AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative, see:

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