Research and Evaluation

DIR understands the ethical and feasibility challenges related to research. DIR offers research and development services such as the most appropriate study designs and methods, quantitative and qualitative data collection, and appropriately tailored analyses. We specialize in evaluations and assessments in the areas of children and youth; communities and organizations; consumers, markets, and demographics; education; health and human services; and labor and economics. Contact DIR for examples of our presentations and published reports of findings.

Designs & Methods

DIR conducts comprehensive research and evaluation studies. We work with our clients to identify the most appropriate design, data-collection methods, and analyses for their research and evaluation needs. DIR designs and implements rigorous studies, employing random assignment, regression discontinuity, matched comparisons, and other quasi-experimental designs. Below are examples of projects:

Organizational Assessments and Diversity Studies

DIR performs multiphase organizational assessments and diversity studies to assess needs and assets and evaluate the effectiveness of organizational programs and initiatives. Below are examples of projects:

Pilot Programs and Demonstration Projects

DIR develops evaluations for pilot programs and demonstration projects. We illustrate the planned program’s theory of change through logic models; document the actual implementation through formative evaluations; and assess implementation outcomes through summative evaluations. Below are examples of projects:

Quantitative Analyses

DIR conducts a range of quantitative data analyses—from descriptive statistics to more sophisticated analyses including regression and hierarchical modeling—to meet the needs of our clients. We perform ongoing review, validation, and calibration of outcome measures and use data to assess program results. Below, we share projects that highlight our work analyzing quantitative data.

Qualitative Analyses

DIR also analyzes qualitative data from in-depth interviews, focus groups, and case studies. Below, we share projects that highlight our work analyzing qualitative data.


DIR prepares and submits high-quality and on-time reports that provide clear summaries of study findings and results, the methods used, and assumptions and limitations. As appropriate, our reports highlight key findings and recommendations that address the needs of our clients.