Technical Assistance

DIR provides the technical support that an organization needs for developing effective processes and making informed decisions. We provide customized training, conference planning, database development, and construction of panels of experts. We specialize in providing assistance to organizations to enhance their analytic expertise and resources. DIR’s expertise in each area is summarized below.

  • Analytic Technical Assistance
  • Customized Training
  • Conference Planning
  • Database Development and Management
  • Expert Panel Development

Analytic Technical Assistance
DIR provides analysts, statisticians, and data experts to organizations to assist them in meeting their analysis requirements. DIR staff have assisted clients in performance audits, performance measurement calculations, and analysis of internal operations. We also provide expertise to train staff and organizations to use various analysis techniques and methods to increase their capacity for data-based decision making.

Customized Training
DIR customizes all aspects of training and any related material to meet our clients’ needs. We design and develop technical-assistance guides, manuals, handbooks, Web-based modules, and other materials.

Conference Planning
DIR provides logistical support for national, regional, and local conferences, symposia, workshops, technical working groups, committee meetings, and focus-group sessions. DIR conducts all aspects of conference planning, including identifying and notifying conference attendees, providing logistical support for travel and accommodations, and documenting and reporting deliberations and proceedings.

Database Development and Management
DIR designs and programs graphical user interfaces for databases in Microsoft Access. Depending on clients’ specifications, we produce data-collection output files in Microsoft Excel, SPSS, or SAS.

Expert Panel Development
DIR maintains a national database of researchers and subject matter experts which we use to identify and convene panels of highly skilled experts to provide external consultation or product reviews.